Giving a Christmas package? Which can !

And still a Christmas package with TRUFFLE PRODUCTS 

  • 1 jar of black truffle sauce (180gr), to be used for a paste, but also on a bruschetta.
  • 1 jar of white truffle sauce (180gr), to prepare different types of pasta, fresh, filled or classic. Also excellent for the preparation of white meat such as calf, turkey and pork. But even with fish, such as salmon, this ready-made sauce fits very well.
  • 1 jar of honey with white truffle (130gr). This product is very suitable for dipping hard cheese such as Parmesan cheese, Manchego or Beemster old cheese. Fits perfectly with chocolate cake or cake with forest fruits.
  • 1 bottle (100ml) of the best olive oil from Umbria combined with black truffle. This oil is suitable for use on grilled meat and vegetables, eggs, bruschetta, pasta with mushrooms or risotto.
  • 1 bottle (100ml) of the same best olive oil from Umbria, but now combined with white truffle. This oil fits perfectly in different types of soup, such as pumpkin soup, mushroom soup or white asparagus soup. But also think of Pasta with salmon, salad with salmon or with eggs.
  • The Christmas package is completed with a packet of pasta and a bottle of Italian wine.

In short, a completely new idea for a Christmas package!

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